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Highest possible gear ratio, with maximum torque and minimum space requirement


Highest possible gear ratio

A constant efficiency and minimal space requirement is possible independent of gear ratio.


Minimal Size

The unique technology allows building the Torus gear smaller and lighter than other gears.


Maximal torque

Thanks to the unique load transmission. The very simple build up reduces assembling and service costs.


Minimal gear backlash

Gear backlash can easily be adjusted or eliminated

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The Torus gear is a new and innovative development. One gear step is the Torus wheel with spiral shaped tooth and the curve wheel with the curved tooth shape. The contact surface and the load on the material can be substantially reduced with the novel gearing module. The lead angle, and as a result the efficiency, remains independent of the gear ratio constant. The backlash can be adjusted or eliminated by axial displacement of the Torus wheel. The Torus gear is in running condition almost silent.

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Machines and tool design technology

Hoisting technology


Medical technology


Renewable energies

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